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Episode 69: Cherie Whelan

In this episode, Gin talks to Cherie Whelan from British Columbia. Cherie explains how intermittent fasting has given her back her athletic body at the age of 50. This episode is sponsored by Ritual and Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative. Visit and use promo code IFSTORIES for 10% off your first month. Go to and use promo code IFSTORIES for $40 off your first order and free shipping.

Cherie struggled with a binge eating disorder. She shares that she was always a little overweight, but strong and fit. She was on the Olympic Bobsled team for Canada. They had daily workouts, lasting 2-3 hours. But once cut from the team and no longer working out, she rapidly gained 30 lbs. Cherie then married, had children, and after her fourth pregnancy, had tried countless diets. Nothing worked, so she attempted tracking calories and macros. She lost 40 lbs, but her struggles with binge eating still loomed.

In January 2019, Cherie decided that since she would be turning 50, it was time to be in the best shape of her life. She hired a personal trainer, researched binge eating, and came across a Podcast about one meal a day intermittent fasting. This led her to The Obesity Code and then to Delay Don’t Deny. Cherie began IF, but wasn’t fasting clean, which made IF extremely difficult for her! Finally, in April 2019, she began fasting clean. This immediately changed everything. She has lost 35 lbs, and her binge eating issues no longer control her life.

The advice Cherie would give new IFers: “CLEAN FAST. Stop looking for ways around it! Be involved in the support groups. Don’t overthink IF. Understand the science behind it.”

Cherie continues to workout daily, and has incredible energy! She is so grateful for IF, and will continue this lifestyle forever.

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