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Episode 67: JoAnn Howard

In this episode, Gin talks to JoAnn Howard from Florida. JoAnn shares how she used intermittent fasting to lose weight without struggle.

JoAnn never had a problem with her weight until she had her third child, and then she could not lose the weight she gained while pregnant. This began the cycle of diets and pills, but she was never able to lose the weight. After a divorce, she lost some of that pregnancy weight, but she gained it all back when she met someone. In 2014, in attempt to lose weight before their wedding, she tried another cycle of diets and pills. In 2017, her mother-in-law had to move in with her and her husband. JoAnn took medical leave from her physically demanding job in customer service, in order stay at home with her. JoAnn’s life became sedentary, and she found herself snacking out of boredom. Her weight climbed back up yet again.

In March 2019, JoAnn was resigned to the fact that her body must be at its “happy weight.” But in reality, she simply did not want to fail at yet another diet. JoAnn was having lunch with a friend, and shared her weight gain frustration. Her friend told her about IF and “Delay Don’t Deny,” and that very same day, JoAnn downloaded the Kindle version of the book. Before officially beginning IF, she spent an entire week researching the science behind it. JoAnn declared: “it was simple and just made sense!” On March 18th, she began with a 22:2 protocol. She continues to do 20-22hr fasts, and does a longer fast 1-2 times a week. She has lost almost 50lbs, and now considers herself in maintenance.

The advice JoAnn would give to new IFers: “Don’t just try IF. Eliminate the option for it not to work! It will work, whether it be healing, energy, clearer skin, or weight loss. IF will do something! Research, read, be involved in the FB groups, listen to Podcasts. Tweak IF to make it your own. Take pictures, and never mind the scale. Stick with it!” Instead of calling IF time-restricted eating, JoAnn calls is “time-structured” eating.

JoAnn no longer obsesses over food,  and has found what works for her. She is free.

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