Season 1

Episode 66: Dawn Kneese

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Dawn Kneese from Texas. Dawn shares the story of how she and her husband both learned about intermittent fasting on the same day in 2018, and began the lifestyle change together. Through IF, they both have found peace around food and eating.

Dawn was always thin growing up, and wasn’t until she met her husband, that she began to gain weight. They focused everything they did on food and eating. Food became a “recreation.” But then Dawn’s mother-in-law, who was only 67, passed away due to diabetes and heart disease. This forced Dawn and her husband to look at their lifestyle. They realized they needed to lose weight, but didn’t want to do it in a way that was “super restrictive.” They began tracking calories and macros, but it wasn’t helping the way they thought it would.

One afternoon, Dawn posted her frustration on Facebook, and a friend commented with a link to “Delay Don’t Deny.” At the very same time, this friend’s husband was also sharing about the book with Dawn’s husband! They decided it was meant to be, and listened to the audio version multiple times. Dawn also researched the science behind IF, reading “Obesity Code” and learned the power behind IF.

Dawn and her husband began IF in August 2018, with a 20:4 schedule. They found they no longer worried about food, and what they’d eat all day. Her emotions stabilized, the inflammation disappeared, the stiffness in her joint went away, and she was no longer pre-diabetic. She now has new cravings for healthier foods, and though she’s not yet reached her weight loss goal, she has found peace with food.

Dawn’s advice to new IFers: Mindset is key, be willing to re-learn new habits, become an IF student, and find out what works for you.


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