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Episode 62: Shelby Marquardt

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories Podcast, host Gin speaks to Shelby Marquardt from Austin, TX, who is an anesthesiologist, a mom, and the owner of a scrubs company.  Shelby never struggled with her weight until medical school. Between the stress and being a new doctor, she found herself putting on weight. Doctor’s lounges always had plenty of food. She tried many things to lose the weight she put on by calorie counting, Weight Watchers, and exercising, just to name a few. Shelby would say in frustration: “There must be an easier way than going from diet to diet!” She was tired of constantly jumping from diet to diet, and constantly thinking about food.

While on a family vacation in July of 2017, Shelby found IF through a friend. He had lost a lot of weight, and she asked him him how he did it. He gave her Dr. Fung’s website, and she began to research IF right away. Through her research, she found “Delay Don’t Deny,” and listened to it in one day! Shelby said that all of this gave her clarity into why she had struggled with her weight. She started with 16:8, and over time increased until she found what felt most natural. She has settled into 18:6, and feels this is her “sweet spot.” She has lost 5lbs, a lot of inflammation, and gained lean muscle. She has found that she feels best with a lower carb and whole food way of eating. Her husband has also adopted an IF lifestyle.

Shelby’s advice to new IFers: Believe in IF, Read “Delay Don’t Deny,” start with 16:8, listen to the Intermittent Fasting Stories Podcasts, success is different for everyone. Find what works for YOU.
In her practice, Shelby has seen how “nutrition is the root of all wellness.” She looks forward to following the IF lifestyle for the rest of her life.



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