Season 1

Episode 60: Kathy

In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, host Gin speaks to Kathy, a transplant to Pittsburg from California. Kathy is an Internal Communications Specialist, sharing that she was the only one in her family who struggled with her weight. She tried countless diets, naming HCG as her first diet at age eight. Kathy feels this contributed to her lifelong battle with weight. She dieted her way to over 300 lbs, and in 1999, her doctor recommended Gastric Bypass Surgery. After having this surgery, she dropped a total of 140 lbs. But Gastric Bypass didn’t fix the problem. She shares that three years later, she gained half of the 140 lbs back, leading to feeling like a failure. This began another cycle of dieting.

In January of 2019, she decided to drop 50lbs by turning 60, but after all her years of dieting, she was weary of doing yet another. One day searching through Facebook, Kathy came across an ad for bone broth that mentioned IF. After much research, reading “Delay Don’t Deny” and “Obesity Code,” she realized her weight problem wasn’t her fault. She found the DDD Facebook support group, and began her journey with a 14hr fast. However, she still had diet mentality even with IF. Kathy found herself counting and tracking ever calorie and macro. But the DDD support group helped to change that mindset. She has found herself constantly learning about IF by reading all that she can, even keeping notes and links to the information. She feels it is “her obligation to share IF with others.

Kathy is halfway to her goal. She is 35lbs from her “goal body.” Her fasts average 20:4, and she takes a monthly picture of herself as progress. She knows that she will IF forever, and is getting more comfortable with the IF lifestyle. Her advice for new IFers is to: “educate yourself, keep learning about IF, don’t stress over the scale, IF is a marathon not a sprint, and take advantage of the DDD support group.”
Kathy knows that she will attain her weight loss goal, and with IF, will easily maintain it for the rest of her life.


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