Season 1

Episode 28: Melissa Navarro

In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast, host Gin Stephens speaks to Melissa Navarro, who works as a realtor in her family’s real estate business.  Melissa spent many years on perpetual lookout for “the next diet,” so when she saw a listing for Delay, Don’t Deny, she bought a copy of the book before knowing too much about it.  She related to Gin’s history of trying numerous diets and figured if intermittent fasting worked for Gin, it could work for her, too.  She then joined the Facebook group and quickly became “obsessed.”  Previously drawn to trendy diet books, Melissa states that she has not read a single one since finding DDD, though a mindset shift has motivated her to seek out several health/wellness related titles.

Though Melissa notes that her skin is brighter and clearer since beginning IF, weight loss is by far the most important benefit she has achieved.  It did take a while to start seeing results due to issues with her thyroid, but after finding an endocrine specialist who took her seriously, she got on the right medication and her weight finally began to budge.  She says medication helped but “she still had to do the work”, trying different regimens before settling on an alternate-day plan along with keto-style eating.  Thought it was adjustment at first, Melissa says she now loves doing the alternate day fasts and feels a surge of energy on her fasting days.  Though she only plans to stick with the keto portion until she reaches her goal, Melissa says she plans to keep up with some form of intermittent fasting forever.  It is the only thing that has ever worked well enough to help her feel she is off the diet roller coaster for good.


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