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Episode 27: Melody Patrick

In this episode, Gin talks to Melody Patrick, who lives in Harrisburg, PA and works for a local credit union. Melody shares her story of overcoming a decades-long battle with Crohn’s disease.  Melody admits right away that she never struggled with her weight, yet it was a feeling of constant preoccupation with food that led her to find intermittent fasting.  Melody works in a credit union providing direct service to members.  Though she made healthy choices, she realized her constant snacking throughout the day was interfering with her ability to do her job.  Because she had occasionally fasted for religious reasons, she knew what it was like to go all day without eating, and set out to research eating only in the evenings.

When she learned this plan had a name, intermittent fasting, and was not only safe but health-promoting, she jumped right in to try it.  After finding a one-plate-a-day approach was too rigid for her body, which did not have much excess weight to spare, she settled into a late afternoon/evening eating window of 4-5 hours daily.  This has worked extremely well for her since 2016.

Though obesity was not a motivator for Melody, her health absolutely was.  Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in her 20s, Melody has dealt with 3 decades of treatment including significant medication and three abdominal surgeries.  Since beginning IF, she has been able to live without medication and without significant flares of her symptoms.  Though she avoids buying certain tempting snacks that “call to her”, she is able to eat food she loves and have peace with her eating plan.  Most importantly, Melody says the IF lifestyle is congruent with her spiritual beliefs that we were created as holistic beings and what is good for the body is good for the spirit.



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