Season 1

Episode 26: Amy Garrison

In this episode of the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast, host Gin Stephens speaks to financial advisor Amy Garrison of Greenville, South Carolina.  Amy describes how she lived for decades in a cycle of dieting following by periods of bingeing.  After extreme restrictive diets, she felt out of control, eating large amounts of processed junk food and re-gaining weight rapidly.  Lower carb plans seemed to agree with her body, but strict ketogenic protocols made life difficult as her personality demanded accounting for every macro gram with perfection.  Amy admits that in her quest to find sustainable weight loss, she bought every diet book she could find, possessing over 60 diet titles on her Kindle alone.  She found Delay, Don’t Deny on yet-another hunt for “the next best thing” and it was the answer for which she had been searching.

Believing in the science immediately, Amy began fasting that day and metabolic benefits were quickly apparent.  Her A1C and resting heart rate fell and her blood pressure returned to normal readings, but weight did not come off steadily at first.  She condensed her eating window from 8 hours all the way down to 15 minutes a day, trying to make the scale move in the direction she wanted.  A member of the Delay, Don’t Deny Facebook group from its early days, Amy eventually followed the suggestion of another member having great results with a specific alternate-day fasting regimen.  She adopted that plan and things clicked; the weight began to fall off, and to this day, Amy varies her IF regimen with up days and down days, letting her body take the lead.

Amy believes the biggest shift took place when she stopped micromanaging her body and began trusting it.  She speaks freely of the mental healing IF has brought to her life, and explains how she lives from a place of gratitude, regularly thanking her body for carrying her through all the trials of her history with dieting.


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